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Pacific Manufacturing Company in Santa Clara CA

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I recently discovered that a nearby Safeway supermarket that I do much of my shopping was once the site of the Pacific Manufacturing Company. They made high-end wood products, doors, furniture, even coffins from the late 1870's to about 1960. During WWI, they made aircraft parts for the Army.


Gives a little bit of excitement to buying my Cheerios!


I have been unable to learn if they made anything for the military during WWII. Does anyone have any pointers how to research this kind of thing?







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Check city hall’s business records. Depending on system they have for plat records, the address may show what was there during WWII. Local library also may have old phone books.

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Thanks for replying.


The company was definitely still there through WWII. I just don't know how to find out if they had contracts for military production during that war also.





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I lived in Santa Clara and San Jose for about 5 years and never knew that. Cool!

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If there is a local museum there that deals at all with Santa Clara's history, check with them. Also, don't forget to ask about this at the Santa Clara University library. No doubt they have a collection of materials on the history of the city. Good luck!!





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