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Needed a TL122 for a jeep tool box display...I have a few 122Bs...but did not like the reliability of the old gals...so...I picked up a second hand WPG TL-122A...but didn't like the gloss finish...started stripping it with a wire wheel, to repaint in a semi or satin finish...however I started seeing a nicely worn finish emerging...

Fits in nicely I think



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I can post pics...they guys on the G503 have been a great help..they have done all the leg work in tool lists, manufacturers, markings on the tools etc...all of my tools are period correct, 50% or so are wartime and manufacturer correct...all have been found at local flea markets and auctions with no on line purchases yet..which makes the hunt even slower...


glad you like the flashlight...was one of those accidental discoveries

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