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Unknown Markings

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Im hoping for some help identifying bumper markings.


This photo was taken stateside in Joplin, MO.


The markings are ASFTC CPC-5. From what Ive seen and heard, ASFTC is Army Service Forces Training Center. Any ideas on CPC-5? All the jeeps bear the same markings, and all belong to HQ company.


The quarter panel marking appears to be the 7th Service Command, which makes sense with it being in MO.







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Thanks!! Is that a guess, or are you pretty sure that is it?


Do you have any more information on them? I am from Joplin MO and am thinking about marking my GPW as such.


Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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I don't know what the "CPC - 5" refers to for certain, but the only vehicles I can recall seeing it on were those in photos taken at Camp Crowder (which makes sense when you say this photo was taken in Joplin, Missouri). Camp Crowder was mostly Signal Corps Replacement Training Center (although a few regiments of Engineers trained their as well). I try to keep a list of WWII stateside bumper markings, and recognized the marking from Crowder.


Here are some cropped images showing the other markings I have seen, all from the Missouri State Archives.




This is cropped from a larger image, but you can see that it has the "CPC" bumper marking. It is interesting that it lacks the "ASFTC" marking, yet the trucks behind it do have the "ASFTC" marking on the passenger side of the bumper.







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Last but not least, a car entering the gate at Camp Crowder in WWII with a "7-SC" marking of the 7th Service Command. All photos from the Missouri state archives.




The one thing I have noticed about stateside markings during WWII, is how varied they could be even at a single base. Often you had vehicles that were permanently assigned to a base, and basically were used by units that were training there.

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