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Louis Gordon-Abraham Lincoln Brigade Veteran

The Iron Brigade

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  • 2 years later...

Ha! I clicked on to this forum to post a picture of my late brother-in-law, who served in the International Brigade in Spain.

And there he is, giving a talk at Johns Hopkins University! I knew that he occasionally gave talks regarding his experiences during that war, but had

no idea that there was a full-length video of one of his talks.

Anyway, below is a photograph of Lou marching in a parade in the small town of Poso Blanco, Spain in 1937. Lou told me that he remembered someone

taking his photo while he was marching, but never really thought much about it. In 1980, Lou and my sister were in Dublin, Ireland, and went into a

bookshop that specialized in history books. Lou found a book about the  International Brigade), while he was leafing through the book, he saw the picture

of himself marching with the Connolly Column in Poso Blanco.Image.jpg.5bef53044c056cde892272332d986574.jpg

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  • 4 months later...
Croix de Guerre

Jim, what all do you know about him?  What were his motivations for joining?  How did he get out of Spain?  Did he have any problems in the US upon returning?  Was he politically motivated and was he a communist/socialist?  

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