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Rusty M26 Pershing

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My wife and I visited the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey in Sea Girt NJ yesterday.




Nice museum with some nice displays. We havent been there since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on their bldg. They are open again and are continuing to bring pieces out for display. They used to have a large area with various armor (Stuart light tanks, Civil War submarine, etc.) on display. That room still has the sub, a pak 40 that theyll let you see but the other armor has been returned to their original owners with one of the Stuarts being restored at Camp Evens. Their Lawrenceville NJ Annex is also worth seeing. More info on the link I provided.


I noticed this M26 and some other armor parked along side the road a few blocks from the museum. They need help! Hope theyll someday be restored. Ill include 4 pics.






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