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Vince Coniglio Author of The US M3 Trench Knife


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I'd like to make a post about my Uncle.


Vincent J Coniglio author of the US M3 Trench Knife of WW2 and veteran of the Vietnam War serving with 1/8 Cavalry 1st Cav Div 1970-71.


Vince passed away at home on Tuesday September 18th 2018 aged 67. Internment will be at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.



Always looking for WW1 28th Division; anything, papers, field gear, uniforms, etc.


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Sad News RIP

Looking for: Fourth/ Seventh Rhode Island Infantry items

Purple Heart : Robert L. Freitag KIA ETO 2/11/45

Any US/German items with the last name "Freitag"

also, war-related posters


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I don't know how many people may be on Bill Walters' email list, or have heard otherwise. I was saddened to learn earlier this week that Vince Coniglio passed away. Vince was one o of the foremost authorities on the M3 knife. His small book, "The US M3 Trench Knife of World War Two" was the first book to deal specifically with the M3 and became the M3 bible for many of us. I spent a goodly number of hours sitting and talking with Vince at the Show of Shows over the years, and carried a fair number of knives to his tables for blessing (or not.) I've learned much from him. At last year's Show of Shows he was looking pretty bad... thin, weak, wheelchair-bound, but still happy to talk knives. At that show he blessed a Boker M3 for me, and I bought a nice M2 switchblade and a guard-marked PAL M3 from him. He gave me a copy of his book to replace my well-worn and rather tattered copy. For me, the knife collectors' world has suddenly gotten much smaller.


He's a link to Vince's obituary if anyone is interested.



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Belated sympathy and condolences for all of the family.

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
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