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F-4 Patch whose ID I can't remember...


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First sign of advanced age is the inability to remember the ID of your patches. Got this patch 35 years ago and have forgotten who it belonged to. I'll at least take a semi-educated WAG and say either the 388 TFW or 432 TFW.






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There are several of these, mostly used by the 432 TFW and 8 TFW units. This one looks like an A Flight though. There were also so many attached units during the Linebackers that it's about impossible to say for sure without provenance. I even have a 64 FIS F-102 patch with the same inscription.

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Thanks, Randy. Thinking back on it, I never did know the ID. The guy I got it from didn't know - he guessed the 366th TFW. Although it might be artistic license, the long nose of the patch's Phantom makes me lean towards an F-4E unit.

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