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NMMC has more stuff than they could ever possibly display. The fact that Smedley Butler's blues are in storage tells you the quality and extent of their collection. They have numerous MOH not on display. Donations pour in to their collection, after all, what Marine family doesn't want their family legacy in there? Our concept of phenomenally significant is miniscule compared to theirs.


Good point. But Joe's statute does grace the main entrance... perhaps they will find room to display it even for a month at some point.

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I'm the chief historian of the new National Medal of Honor Museum that's being constructed in Arlington, Texas. We're working right now on multiple fronts--one, to determine the recipients we will feature in our physical galleries (we have room for about 35 out of 3,507!); and two, to determine the location of every known Medal of Honor, with specific information as to version. Joe Foss will likely be one of our featured recipients, and in the course of tracking down more information I came across these extremely helpful posts on the Militaria Forum about the Joe Foss Medal of Honor and other items from his estate.


I attempted to private message ajbUSWM about this, but got the response that that account could not receive messages. Would it be possible for ajbUSWM or another user to provide some more information for us about the current disposition of the original medal (I understand the family still has the wearing/display copy)? I see that it was at the USMC Aviation Museum in 2017, but it's unclear whether you have put it on exhibit since then. I would be happy to share more about the Medal of Honor Museum, and our work and mission. My email is elengel@mohmuseum.org.


Best wishes




Edward G. Lengel, Ph.D.

Chief Historian

National Medal of Honor Museum

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