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Next 2:


Bottom left: 24th Support Battalion (upside down)


Bottom right: 121st Signal Battalion


Last crest with the torch is 104th Infantry


Still working on the other crests.. Can you take a better picture of the traingle crest. I can't see any images on it



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Bottom two, second pic (top) - on left 24th Suppt Bn (upside down)on right 121st Sig Bn


bottom two, left - 99th Air Base Sq


bottom right - 104th Inf Regt


please retake triangle


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The Taro Leaf pin is upside down


Hawaiian Division, Quartermaster Corps (Motor Transport). What's the backmark on it? Screwback or Pinback?


Photos from period Hawaiian Division poster, October 1941 (as Motor Transport) and Christmas 1939 (as Quartermaster Corps)

QMC Motor Transport 001.jpg

QMC Motor Transport 002.jpg

QMC Motor Transport 003.jpg

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Bottom two, second pic (top) - on left 24th Suppt Bn (upside down)on right 121st Sig Bn


bottom two, left - 99th Air Base Sq


bottom right - 104th Inf Regt


please retake triangle



Still a little confused on your labels as to which one is which?

Here is the triangle picture again, better i hope.





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Thanks for the help.

The Taro leaf is Pin Back by Amcraft in Mass. see picture.




Thanks Michael,


Being that it's an Amcraft pinback (and not a snowflake) I'll defer to the experts on this one as the 24th Support Battalion

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The upside down Taro leaf is for the: 11th Quartermaster Regt



Also correct in regard to lineage as the Hawaiian Department (Division) was formed in 1921 from elements of the 11th Infantry Division (11th Artillery, 11th QM, etc)

Commonly known as the Hawaiian Division Quartermaster Train/Motor Transport as detailed in the period images I cited.


Reference: US Army Order of Battle 1919–1941 Volume 4 https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/OrderofBattle4.pdf (See Page 1940)

The Services: Quartermaster,
Medical, Military Police, Signal Corps,
Chemical Warfare, and Miscellaneous
Organizations, 1919–41
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Steven E. Clay
Combat Studies Institute Press
US Army Combined Arms Center
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Op Cit: Page 1940
Hawaiian Division Quartermaster Train
HQ-Schofield Barracks, TH, 1921-31; Inactive 1931-36
Subordinate units: 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th Motor Transport Companies 1921-36; 21st and 22nd Motor Repair
Sections 1921-36; 21st and 22nd Wagon Companies 1921-36; 11th Motorcycle Company 1921-36
Constituted in the Regular Army 17 March 1921 as the Hawaiian Division Train, Q.M.C. and assigned
to the Hawaiian Division. Headquarters organized 3 May 1921 at Schofield Barracks, TH, with
personnel and equipment from Motor Transport Command No. 10. Redesignated 23 March 1925 as
the Hawaiian Division Quartermaster Train. Inactivated 31 May 1931 at Schofield Barracks, TH.
Headquarters redesignated as Headquarters, 1st Battalion, 11th Quartermaster Regiment 1 May 1936,
and subordinate units redesignated as elements of the 11th Quartermaster Regiment.
Organization Day: 14 April. Adopted 23 March 1925.
Status: Inactive as the 24th Support Battalion, an element of the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized).
Photo: Units Comprising the Hawaiian Division

Hawaiian Division 002.jpg

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Second picture, top right.


23rd Quartermaster Regiment, I think.

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definitely an incomplete list.

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