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Rain Jacket w/Lining ID Assistance

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Hi Folks:


In the excitement, I grabbed this jacket in an estate sale...and I "think" it is military but it has no markings...zipper front, hood, draw strings on hood, fabric lining like a blanket mat'l with inside pockets, elastic web cuffs. What jacket is this?





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I was "thinking" Graf jacket also for the bad weather especially during winter in Grafenwoehr Training area in Germany.....but I wasn't sure. Not sure if people collect these....the inside mat'l looks like blanket mat'l. The estate I picked up from was a retired SGM...USAREUR, Vietnam, etc..

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I also found on this site what you're talking about....being lined with a poncho liner...and that these were a private purchase item. The prior posting talks about Baumholder and the earlier "Graf Parkas" having blanket material liners. (like this....). Having been stationed and worked in Germany for 15 yrs....yes....it cold and wet. These would be nice especially when you're in the field.

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