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Captain Francis N. Satterlee RCAF-USAAF-USAF.

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Sattarlee in the 50s, don't know units in WWII, but had this posted about him by member astra44 in the post WWII,50's& 60's Air Force Uniforms topic.





Posted Today, 02:11 PM


Found this:

"......The first aircraft crash at the base occurred early Saturday, November 28, 1953. The Beechcraft AT-11 (C-45) twin engine monoplane bound for Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, was piloted by Captain Francis N. Satterlee, Public Information Officer for the base. Satterlee was seriously injured receiving a broken left leg below the knee, cuts and contusions. The three passengers received minor injuries. The aircraft crashed approximately 75 yards off the runway after going out of control following liftoff. It was Satterlee's first crash. He was a veteran RCAF and USAF pilot with combat experience in Korea........"

So his other wings are Canadian, not actually British, which I thought on first looking at pic.

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Found this image. Taken at Thunderbird Field. Said Saterlee was part of 6th Ferrying Command



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