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Army Combat Pant

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Picked this up at a thrift store today (not Goodwill!), Im sure they are true US Military Issue, but what exactly? As you can see, they are called: Army Combat Pant. It looks like a contract dated 2012. The label doesnt note the type of camo these are produced in. I think OCP. They have the pockets for the knee pads and some other interesting features Im not familiar with (stretchy crotch, Velcro tabs at waist, a strap inside the leg pocket to pull up the knee pads, extra pocket inside the right hand pocket). I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and wore OCPs but didnt see these. Thanks for looking and any comments.





Label (I posted it sideways so it would be larger.



Knee pocket.


With all the extra features, I'm sure they were expensive.


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Meant to be a counter part to the Combat Shirt (the T-Shirt with uniform sleeves), based on Crye's combat pants design. Crye made prototype ones which were tested in Afghanistan by the 101st in 2010, those were UCP. Then in 2012 Cyre, Massif, and Propper made 36,000 limited production ones in OCP/OEF-CP/Multicam to be sent to Afghanistan in April 2012 as part of RFI. Your has a 2012 contract, I wonder if goodwill industries of South Florida was a sub contractor or if they got added on. They were supposed to cost $100-125 each, not sure what they ended up costing. Where they went from after that I don't know, but I think they might still be around.

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At the base I was at these were being issued through RFI to deploying units in 2012. I think only infantry and certain combat units got them, and even for those they were in short supply. They ran out of certain sizes and not everyone got one, me included.


Similar to the combat shirts, they werent supposed to be worn unless you were wearing your gear or about to go on a patrol.


Although a heavier material and more durable than the normal pants, I still saw them rip. It seemed some guys liked them, some didn't.


It seems there are 2 variations of these with quite a few differences (pictures are taken from ebay). Different pockets, way of closing the cuffs, belt loops, etc..


I remember seeing both being used. The kind on the left was an early version that was quickly changed??? Ive only seen the left kind with early dates. It seems these combat pants were in limited production up until the switch to OCP camo from multicam. And the later pants all seem to be the kind on the right.










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