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"Late" Amcraft-type 1 (pilot and senior pilot)


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Opps... the title should be later Type 2.


To continue the idea of putting together the pilot, senior pilot and command pilot of a particular manufacturer, I am including the type-2 Amcraft wings. I don't have an AMCRAFT marked command pilot (yet) although a number of companies seemed to have made the command pilot wing in this pattern post WWII/KW (Dondero, for example). I won't be including them, although the pattern is (from the front) the same as these.


One thing to notice is that (in general) the stars in WWII vintage senior pilot wings tend to be smaller than the start in post WWII senior pilot wings.


First thing about the second-pattern AMCRAFT wings, they seem to have come out around 1942, based on the fact that you will find this pattern in all the WWII USAAF ratings. Sometimes hallmarked, sometimes not, but once you see one AMCRAFT type-2 (with the distinct feathers in the shoulders and the "pushed in" back, you pretty much have seen them all. In the past, some members of the forum felt that the unmarked AMCRAFT wings were likely made by GEMSCO (GEMSCRAFT or AMSCRO). But if you are interested you can look those old threads up yourself.


So, while the AMCRAFT type-1 was probably pre/early war, these are no doubt WWII vintage. I suspect that AMCRAFT either sold their dies or went out of business between WWII and the KW because I don't recall every seeing a USAF or USAAF/USAF transition AMCRAFT marked wing. They may exist but they are rare.


In any case, I have always loved the AMCRAFT pattern. You can find them in almost all the WWII ratings, but not in the pre-WWII rating like balloon or airship wings.


The pilot wings are very common.

The senior pilot wings are very rare.

The command pilot wings (hallmarked with AMCRAFT) are even more rare.


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The back of the AMCRAFT wings. The have this nice arc, are always raised and they seemed to use a "pusher" striker to make the back. This kind of gives the planchett a folded look.


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