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SPH-4 Helmet Used In An Apache?

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No, it just has the Tempest headset kit installed in it (MK-1564). Yes Apache's used the same setup but it was also used in SPH-4s and can be installed in the HGU-56. USMC V-22s use a similar setup today even. I have one of these headset kits that had been in a SPH-4. Check out the ear cups in your helmet and see if they are the standard smooth ear cups on the outside of the shells with the manufacturer markings or if they have ridges on the outside looking like a star shape or spokes (hard to describe). There was originally a special ear cup for it which I have that they banned from use as they were bad in side impacts during a crash.


Here is a description about the MK-1564 assembly "The MK-1564( )/AIC contains a linear earcup transducer assembly with improved far field noise attenuation properties over the MK-896A/AIC, it also contains the microphone, Linear M- 162/AIC which is a noise-canceling dc powered, high gain microphone. The MK-1564( )/AIC is intended for use in the improved SPH.4 aviator's helmet which is part of the airborne communications system which will provide communications of high intelligibility under the extreme noise conditions encountered in military aircraft."


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