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OVMS MAX Show Sept 19-23, Monroeville, PA

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I know its already been mentioned about it not being Nazi heavy but is it really a good mix? This trip would be easier to make instead of SoS and would love to try for next year but dont want to waste time/money

Actively collecting:

13th USAAF uniforms and groups/medal groups!

307th BG, 5th BG, 11th BG, 42nd BG

Also looking for:

WWII Far East Air Force uniforms/groups!

Any Pacific Army Air Force Groups to 5th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 20th AAF

Collecting CBI and ATC Pacific Army Air Force groups




USMF's custom photo resize tool:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/229816-custom-resize-tool-exclusively-for-the-usmf/

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I know its already been mentioned about it not being Nazi heavy but is it really a good mix? This trip would be easier to make instead of SoS and would love to try for next year but dont want to waste time/money


The short answer is YES!


It is well worth the trip if you only collect US material. I don't have any interest in anything other than US, and I found that a lot of tables were all US or had a good mix of US and German. I glance by the non-US tables and only usually had to go two or three dealers away to be back at a US one. AAF material was heavy at this show this year, and prices were well below normal on many items in that area. As with any show, there were a number of tables with really nice / top shelf items or groups for sale, many of which were, in my opinion, priced well above what I consider retail, and most of those items were still unsold as of Saturday afternoon. Some of that may be attributed to price, or it could simply be that the right buyer didn't walk through the door. Attendance on Friday and Saturday seemed higher than in years past, and I am sure OVMS staff could probably elaborate on that numbers-wise more than I could.


I should also mention this; If you have the ability to either set up a table or be listed as a helper to get in on Wednesday or Thursday, or to attend for more than one day, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. As dealers sell items and create more table space, they are replaced from under the table with items weren't there previously. The show on Wednesday night is not the same one you'll see on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. The inventory is ever changing, and not only will you see more items, but for those dealers looking to really sell, the prices go down. I attended for one day each in the last two years and generally walked away having completed maybe five or six buys. Having set up at two tables this year I kept finding new and interesting items daily and left with over six plastic tubs worth.


This is also worth mentioning. Even if you drive that far and buy nothing, I guarantee you won't regret the trip. You'll see and examine items in hand that you can't via the internet, you'll meet collectors and dealers you did not know existed, and will have networked quite a bit. Some of my best deals come AFTER the show is over when everyone is home, and all started via a person I met at the show.


If you can only swing one major show a year, wait for the SOS, however if you find yourself able to go to the MAX as well, you won't be disappointed.


Ebay Sales: wwii.uniform.collector


Auctioneer Website: http://www.cnymilitaria.com


Facebook Sales Group




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The Max and SoS shows compliment each other very well.


They both have some of the familiar faces, but also draw different mixes of people.


There is always a variety of stuff there...including plenty of US items. Try to hit both shows if at all possible.


1000 tables of militaria can't be a bad thing!




Always interested in the 166th Infantry, 42nd Division, A.E.F.

Quality WW1 studio portraits and real photo postcards of Distinguished Service Cross recipients; showing steel helmets; or other interesting content.

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This was my 4th year going to the MAX show and has always been lots of fun with great stuff. My opinion for this year is the attendance seemed to be way down? Most dealers I talked to felt the same way, but sales were still good for some and okay for others. Not sure if it was just me being located in the back room or if it was due to the show being moved to earlier in the year (Oct to Sept) and combined with a sunny, hot weekend, maybe people stayed home to enjoy the end of summer, do yard work etc...?


An announcement was made on Wednesday, set up day that some tables were still available and I've not seen that in the previous years.


Several dealers said they would've been better off staying home and selling on line and others said they had a great show selling. It really comes down to having what buyers are looking for and reasonable prices. I looked over the entire show several times and just amazed at some of the high "Show Prices" set on common items at some tables. The dealers that come to the show motivated to sell and set prices below the average on line sold prices will do good. And as always, the unique, high end desired items that are hard to come by still demand respectable prices.


Many sellers had tables full of un-priced items and that just gets old, I don't even bother asking for prices and move on. One these days, I want to stop and ask the dealer his price on EVERY item on his table one by one! How much for this? How much for that? How much... LOL


I did enjoy watching several "fire sales" going on out in the parking lot prior to the doors opening each morning. Car or trunk loads of stuff piled out into the parking lot and dealers buying it all up as fast as they could. Most I don't think would've sold if it was on a table inside. Maybe it was just the excitement of buying it out of a trunk? On Saturday morning, show personnel and Security came out and put a stop to that though.


Most U.S. Helmets that caught my attention seemed to sit on the tables all weekend and not sell, some overpriced and some very fair? If anything the plain-jane helmets and liners were selling pretty good if priced reasonable.


The show is heavy with the obvious WWI and WWII items and a little bit of Korea, Vietnam and current Militaria showing up.


I think the show has a great floor plan and plenty of room for dealers and public to move around, but the parking could be scarce if you get there late.


Several Dealers had dogs (pets) at the show that would bark off and on over the weekend. :dry:


Nice show, but if you can only make one, choose the SOS.


And that is my un-official report of this show.



USMC 2/2 Fox Co 0311 & 1st Recon Bn Delta Co. 0321. 1986 - 1995 (Desert Storm 90/91)

US Army Long Range Surveillance Co F 425th INF ABN LRS Team 1-6 2003 - 2005 (Iraqi Freedom 03/04)



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