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Military Order of the Lizards

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The Military Order of the Lizards was chartered by the Military Order of the Serpent (M.O.S.) in September of 1927. Its creation came twenty three years after the formation of its progenitor. The M.O.L was "founded primarily for the purpose of providing a playground for the Lizards, thus promoting the social welfare and activities among its members; and to assist the M. O. S." Like the Serpents, membership in the M.O.L. could be at the local, state, or National level and they held their meetings coincident with the United Spanish War Veterans National and Annual Encampments.


Membership in the M.O.L. required that one first be a member of the Auxiliary to the United Spanish War Veterans (A.U.S.W.V.) in good standing.


The M.O.L. badges were simple in design and execution. For all levels of membership, badges were made of green bronze depicting a Lizard reclining on a log.




(photo credit to Mr. R. J. "Jerry" Soafer)




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