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USS Texas - Battlewagon in need

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With recent events that unfolded with the USS Ling it brought to mind another warship that has been on the verge of being taken to the razor farm


As it stands right now


Cost of dry berth - $51 Million


Cost to destroy her - $30 Million


Last surviving U.S. world war 1 era dreadnought


1st Mar Div was activated on her decks Feb of 1941


Her track record during the 2nd world war


North Africa






Southern France


Iwo Jima




Too many great warships has long since been turned into tuna cans and razors


I personally dont want see her suffer that same fate



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The problem with the in water attempts at preservation is that eventually the sea will win out. These vessels will want to sink. I believe a better solution is to maintain that portion above the water line. Maintain them as a building that happens to look like a ship. Take the money and either cradle her and back fill or cut her at the waterline, lift and slide to a new close by site and scrap the below the waterline portion.. Either way a considerable chunk of change is involved.


The powers that be might want to take a ride down to Galveston to check the preservation of the DE and SS that are landlocked there..

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Agreed, that's the plan to put her in dry berth out of the water. Either that or like you say back fill her kinda like what they did with the Batfish.


In question was whether she was structurally sound to be able to support herself, a study was recently done that shown she could indeed.


So now it's an issue with funds (as it always is) ....


Once these ships are gone they're gone that's it. It's sad and IMHO illogical when it comes to the fact you're gonna pay booku bucks to scrap her, you're throwing that money away.


With the passing of our WW2 generation being at the cyclic rate now, sadly very soon these vessels, aircraft and tanks will be the only thing we'll have to connect us to our grand parents, great uncles and that generation.

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Besides her war record, the Texas had a cameo in "The Sand Pebbles" but was cut from the final that was released. Holman is shown in the very beginning leaving the battleship and fleet and starting his new career as a Yangtze sailor.



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I've been following the news and updates about the Texas for a while now, and I hope enough money is raised and people get their act together so that the easiest option (scrapping) never happens. I visited her a few years ago, and she's even more impressive in person. Unfortunately the water she's resting in right now is especially horrendous on her hull. It is very expensive but dry docking her for repairs and eventually placing her out of the water permanently is whats needed to save her.


Interested in items related to:

-Amarillo A.A.F. / Amarillo Air Force Base

-Military instillations located in the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, and West Texas.

-"F" Company, 142nd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division (Texas National Guard)

-413th Civil Affairs Battalion (USAR)


In Memoriam:

CSM Juan H. Hernandez - U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam

RM1c William C. Denney - U.S.S. McDermut (DD-677) Korea


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I too have followed the USS Texas and her ongoing saga to survive.  I was born and raised over in Port Arthur, Texas, about an hour away and have visited every chance I get when in the Houston area.  She's a very significant piece of history and is worthy of continued restoration and preservation. 


The State of Texas has officially turned the care and operation of the USS Texas BB-35 over to the Battleship Texas Foundation.  The State retains ownership of the vessel and has approved funding to remove the ship from its berth, tow her to a yard, make necessary repairs to the hull and its related structural components, and then tow her to a new location where she will be permanently displayed.  She will not return to San Jacinto as they have determined that the ship needs to be in a location with a better tourism draw.   The new site has yet to be determined, though at least three locations are actively being considered.   The Texas has been surveyed by contractors and the USCG and found to be sound enough to make such a trip.  Preparations for her trip are well underway at this time.  For more details, visit https://battleshiptexas.org/battleship-updates/

R. Patterson

Boatswains Mate

USCG 1998-2010

“The Boatswain’s Mate and Coxswain is A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND A MASTER OF THEM ALL.”- 1944 edition of the BM2c training course material. 
“They gave us an engine that first went up and down. With some more technology, the engine went around. We know of steam and diesel, but what’s a main yard for? A sailor ain’t a sailor, ain’t a sailor anymore!”- The Last Shanty

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