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North Vietnamese Lighter Bringback

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I was fortunate to recently pick up this lighter from the original veteran.

It's a simple aluminum lighter that was produced in China and like exported to Vietnam. I am not sure if the entire lighter was painted green, but traces of the paint can be seen on the lower portion although it has worn away due to heavy usage. On one side, the NVA soldier scratched an image of the NLF/VC flag and on the other side more faintly you can see the outline of Vietnam.

In addition to the lighter, he included a signed letter noting his service and the circumstances which led to him picking up the lighter.



The letter reads:

"To whom it may concern:

I was in the 4th Infantry Div. in the Central Highlands Kontum Province February Viet Nam 68 - 69.
The officers grabbed everything, but overlooked this lighter, that I retrieved from an unfortunate NVA soldier.
Scratched on the case is the NVA flag, not engraved. Made in China
That is the most I know
--- Chris Schezel

I have no photos as my Instamatic had gotten insect repellent on it making all the photos non-visible.
Anything else I had was packed and military shipped home.
The shipment was stolen at the dock in Mass."

Pictured with my original bringback helmet which was captured a month earlier by a different vet

I hope you all enjoy!





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Great lighter with even better provenance!

Looking for older Virginia Military Institute items: insignia, uniforms, cadet sabers, documents, and groupings belonging to VMI alumni.

Also interested in Virginia Reserve Militia (VRM) uniforms and insignia, or other items of general Virginia interest.

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