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Looking For Belongings Of Harry E. Stevenson


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Hello! Im currently on the lookout for any belongings named to Pvt. Harry. E Stevenson. By belongings, I mean any field gear, uniforms, personal items, etc.

Harry Stevenson is my great grandfather. I'm very interested in his military service. He served in Detachment 6 of the 166th Signal Photographic Company (It says it down in my "signature"). I got in touch with a guy who specializes in the 166th SPC and he hooked me up with lots of service information and a few photos of him. Now I'm taking it to the next step and I'm looking for his belongings if they're out there. It would be awesome and would mean so much to me if I catcalls going something of his. If you have any WWII US field gear, uniforms, or personal items named to Pvt. (Or T/5 as that was his rank from September 25, 1945 to November 6, 1945) Harry E. Stevenson, please reply. I'll include more info on him below.

Name: Harry E. Stevenson

Hometown: Milton, Pennsylvania, USA

ASN: 33 509 947

Birthday: October 21, 1917

Date of Entry into Service: May 29, 1943

Date of Separation from Service: November 6, 1945

Unit: Detachment 6, 166th SPC, 10th IR (I believe that's the regiment his Det. followed), 5th ID, 3rd Army

If you need any more information, just ask.

Thanks everybody!

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Welcome to the forum, so that you know, few, if any enlisted men brought home, filed gear. Most veterans came back with a duffle bag that had some war souvenirs; a photo album, enemy items captured or purchased such as helmet, flag, rifle, pistol, etc., their shaving gear, maybe one or two other uniforms. Field gear, like e-tools, field packs, pup tents, was unit equipment and was turned mostly turned in or thrown away. Most veterans had little or no use for the items and never wanted to see it again. LOL

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