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Japanese Type 14 Bring back


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Thanks for the info Patches! eBay seller listed it as a WWII piece and I took his word. I only paid $12 for it so I'll probably keep it.

I will get the correct one thanks!

Good chance that the one you got may have post 1954 hallmark code on it, if you really like, you can post the rear of that one so we can see.

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Sorry for the bad picture but it says N.S. Meyer Inc New York

It is make out able, we can see it, what this is a NS Meyer pre 1954 no code, a early made one circa 1951-53.


This would be an example of a post 1954 NS Meyer DI, 701st Armd Inf Bn, here a pin back, with a second shield, this one with a 9M in it.



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