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WW I Patriotic & Propaganda Postcards

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Another child soldier design created by the artist known as Charles Twelvetrees. This is obviously an untitled series, as I've already posted more than a dozen designs (I need to go back and count them). There are at least three or four more designs that I've seen that need to be posted ... Providing that I can find them.


Evidently, this series must be fairly popular with collectors, because the designs that I do not have, have all sold for prices that are far higher than what I'm willing to pay for them.






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This postcard is from a twenty-four design series, simply titled "Comics". I recognize the style of the unnamed artist from other cards, but I'm not sure if I have any other cards from this series ... Must check and see.



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A French made postcard that has something to do with the repatriation of Alsace back into France. Much like Columbia was a symbol for America, the rooster became an enduring icon that symbolized France. In this case, the rooster's tail-feathers are made up of the flags of the Allied nations.



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Well, you've been busy since the last time I had a chance to check in here.  I guess that isn't a problem with this subject matter.


Thanks as always!





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German propaganda postcard whose caption is "The English War Flag". Presumably, this card explains to the German people that the English Navy breaks the international rules of naval  warfare by falsely flying the flag of a neutral nation.



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