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WW I Patriotic & Propaganda Postcards

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Well I looked and it seems that this is the only card I still have that sort of fits the patriotic theme here. It was printed in Paris. There is a penciled message of no real interest on the back, but the soldier did date it December 28,1918, from Pont A Masson, France. The lettering, flowers and flag banner are embroidered onto a thin lace material that was then glued to the card. I know a shop nearby that has boxes of old postcards. You've got my interest up so will try to stop by over the weekend and see what they have.







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mikie and derrbrad, thanks for contributing to the content of this post. There are tone of flag, warship, photographic and embroidered patriotic themed postcards out there.


Solcarlus, thanks (again) for adding even more French American/AEF themed postcards. I really like those because they are seldom seen on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. If you track down any more, please post them.


Here's an unusual one that I tracked down on eBay.


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A somewhat whimsical take on the 1916 Punitive Expedition into Mexico in search of the bandit Pancho Villa.

I love this one, very comical but gets to the point. Reminds me of the cartoon of popeye produced by max Fleischer. Drawn by elzie segar


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Bill, that Punitive postcard is a good one.


There are actually quite a few pre-WW I and WW I patriotic postcards that incorporate artist's renderings of children wearing a variety of Army & Navy uniforms. Many of them are quite well done. I've been tempted to purchase some of them, but so far, I've managed to keep that urge in check.

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An interesting card printed in Germany some time in 1919. I wonder if there are any more of these German made postcards depicting AEF, or more accurately, Army of Occupation soldiers?

Here's another from the same series of postcards. Note the GHQ AEF SSI.


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