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WW I Patriotic & Propaganda Postcards

world war I nerd

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world war I nerd

Another newly discovered series! I posted one from this series back somewhere near the beginning. Recently I picked up three more from the "Tips for the Kaiser" series. I'm guessing it's composed of six designs. This example shows an unflattering caricature of Kaiser Wilhelm I as the organ grinder with Germany's Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia as the monkey, and the American Doughboy is, of course, calling the tune!






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The thought occurred to me as I was looking at your latest batch, it seems that these cards often came in a series of 12.


I am wondering if that may have been due to how they were printed.  Like dollar bills, I can imagine they may have been printed four, eight or twelve to a sheet, and then cut.

12 may have been the ideal number for the production process for whatever sized sheet they were printed on.

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world war I nerd

Gil, that thought never occurred to me, but you're probably right. Series comprised of six, twelve and twenty-four cards seem to be the norm ... Three, four and six being the common denominators.


What I'd really like to know is the quantity of cards (of any design) that were printed during the initial run ... thousands - tens of thousands - more than that? Also, were some designs popular enough to warrant a second or third printing?

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world war I nerd

The final card in the four design Chesterfield cigarette advertisement series, which is comprised of a Navy, Army, USMC and aviation design, all of which are now posted.



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world war I nerd

Another Japanese postcard commemorating the arrival of America's "Great White Fleet" to their nation in 1908.




Another example of what seems to be a series made up of a zillion French postcard designs featuring a faux American soldier look-a-like. The "Yank" imposter is wearing a British army service jacket and a New Zealand army "Lemon Squeezer" hat.




Yep, it's another one of the zillion French made phony American postcards.




Another child soldier design created by the artist known as Charles Twelvetrees. This is obviously an untitled series, as I've already posted more than a dozen designs (I need to go back and count them). There are at least three or four more designs that I've seen that need to be posted ... Providing that I can find them.


Evidently, this series must be fairly popular with collectors, because the designs that I do not have, have all sold for prices that are far higher than what I'm willing to pay for them.







From the twelve design series "War Correspondence".




An interesting postcard depicting the aeronautical wing of the U.S. Navy's attempt to put an end to German U-Boats patrolling the eastern coast of the United States.




This series, without a name, seems to deal with what American women who are left at home worry most about.





This is the second card whose design has been divided in to four quadrants ... presumably it's, yet another series.




This too, is from a series with no name, from which I've already posted a few similar designs. I don't know how many more designs are needed to complete the series.




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world war I nerd

Another example from an untitled series about the Navy designed by Clare Ungell.




Because the date is not clear, it's hard to be sure, but this naval, Vera Cruz, Mexico postcard seems to bear a 1912 postmark.




Norfolk Branch, Navy YMCA postcard. Could be WW I, could be earlier?




Another WW I era "Son in Service" flag design.




This postcard is from a twenty-four design series, simply titled "Comics". I recognize the style of the unnamed artist from other cards, but I'm not sure if I have any other cards from this series ... Must check and see.




I've already posted a few camp pennant postcards from this untitled series, of which, I think there are only six designs.




The Italian soldier who sent this Italian/American postcard from Camp Lee, Virginia, was kind enough to translate the message on its front into English.




1917 dated, hand-painted French postcard depicting Uncle Sam grabbing the Kaiser by his neck. It looks like he's about ready to punt Kaiser Wilhelm back into Germany.




A French made postcard that has something to do with the repatriation of Alsace back into France. Much like Columbia was a symbol for America, the rooster became an enduring icon that symbolized France. In this case, the rooster's tail-feathers are made up of the flags of the Allied nations.




This interesting U.S. made propaganda postcard shows Kaiser Bill in the process of carving up the globe, while the Crown Prince seems to have an appetite only for North America.




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Well, you've been busy since the last time I had a chance to check in here.  I guess that isn't a problem with this subject matter.


Thanks as always!



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world war I nerd

Mikie, you're right about that. Still have plenty of postcards to post, and new ones coming in every week!


Pre-WW I child sailor.




1915 dated "Home-On-Leave" Navy postcard.




Postcard informing the folks back home that "KP" stands for kitchen police.




"Trench Work with Casualties".




War Camp Community Service postcard.




Another War Camp Community Service postcard.




German propaganda postcard whose caption is "The English War Flag". Presumably, this card explains to the German people that the English Navy breaks the international rules of naval  warfare by falsely flying the flag of a neutral nation.




Another German propaganda postcards showing America's unpreparedness for submarine warfare on the open seas.




One more card from the "How You Feel" series about the average Army private feels in any number of situations.




Another example from the twelve design "Soldier Comics" series. Surely, I've posted all twelve by now?



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world war I nerd

From an unnamed naval series of postcards designed by Clare Ungell.





Comic card based on the average American sailor's favorite bugle calls.





Patriotic poem titled "American".





"Message from Camp"




One of many President Wilson with various patriotic motif postcards published during the war.




Likewise, one of many postcards published with patriotic or sentimental slogans or messages.




Another Clare Ungell designed postcard. This time with an Army theme.




Greetings from Camp Humphreys.




"The kids Franco-American war ... The cooking pots.




Artillery branch of service postcard.



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world war I nerd

Mikie, I'd love to see 'em if you make it back there. Regardless, thanks for the effort.


1914 postmarked Navy postcard.




1917 postmarked card depicting a bunch of sailors in one heck of a hurry to get off the ship and party like it's 1917.




"America Forever" is part of a series of postcards depicting children pretending to be soldiers, sailors and nurses.




Another card from this no title having series of soldiers mostly interacting with the females in the U.S. and Germany. Maybe France too, but I don't recall seeing that yet.




French victory postcard showing the flags of the Allied nations ... France, England, United States, Communist Russia, Belgium, Serbia and, I think , Italy.




Another offering from the twelve card series, "War Mottoes with U.S. Flags".




Another card designed by the illustrator Gordon Grant.




"Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" is a design from an untitled series, of which, this is the third design I've posted here. I think I have one more from this series to go.




I think this is the tenth design I've posted from the twelve design "Comical Kaiser" series. I have one more to post. The twelfth card, I've yet to track down. I don't think I even know what the final card looks like! I'll know it when I see it though.






This is the third card from this series. I have one more to post, and no idea how many designs are needed to complete the series. I'm guessing that there's six total.

It's a pretty neat series by the way. I bought the first one about three years ago. Never saw another until I purchased three more about a month ago.




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world war I nerd

From a pre WW I series of U.S. Army themed postcards, circa 1908 -ish.




Another pre WW I U.S. Army card. This one was postmarked in 1913.




One of twelve designs from the "Service Flag" series.




An example from the ten design "I Wish I Were A Soldier" series.




A comic U.S. Army card from an untitled series designed by Clare Ungell.




Comic postcard dealing with the National Prohibition Act, aka the Volstead Act, which was originally published in October of 1919.




The star of this nicely designed patriotic postcard is America's favorite uncle.




Uncle Sam giving "Kaiser Bill" a taste of the Second Liberty Loan.




French postcard depicting an American "Sammie" triumphantly standing on an Imperial German flag and helmet.




A slightly oversized (it's one half inch larger in width and length) uber patriotic flag toting American Doughboy.



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22 hours ago, world war I nerd said:

Uncle Sam giving "Kaiser Bill" a taste of the Second Liberty Loan.



Sorry, this is't a postcard, but I like to contribute here when I can. Which is sadly not very often.  This Liberty Loan medallion has been on my key chain for years and years.  from what I've been able to find out, these medallions were issued for the 5th Liberty Loan in 1919 and are made from German cannon  captured by American troops at Château-Thierry.



Liberty Loan Medal.jpg

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Dear World War I Nerd:  Many thanks for all your work, contributions to this forum and your great collection!  Please keep them coming as I definitely appreciate your efforts!

John (aka SirArthurCurrie) just joined: heck this is my first real post to the forum!

Best wishes

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