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WW I Patriotic & Propaganda Postcards

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Does anybody out there collect or have any interesting or unusual WW I era patriotic or propaganda postcards? If so, please post them.


As we all know, there are hundreds and hundreds (maybe even thousands and thousands) of WW I themed postcard designs out there. Over the years most WW I enthusiasts have become acquainted with the all too familiar and uninteresting postcard designs and themes that were printed for the masses during the Great War.


However, once I began really looking, I soon realized that in addition to the extremely boring postcards that we always see, an extremely wide variety of U.S. military themed propaganda and patriotic postcards produced here in the United States and in Europe were waiting to be excavated from underneath the layers of other postcards that we've seen a million times.


The subject matter of the postcards are as varied as the artists who created them … The images printed on them range from resolute renderings of Uncle Sam to crudely or humorously drawn depictions of America's soldiers and sailors. Many feature ridiculous parodies of Imperial Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm being taught a lesson. While others stress the Allied soldiers commitment to victory or depict French women clad in red, white and blue outfits anxiously anticipating the arrival of the "Sammies".


Anyway, here are a few examples of what to me are some of the more interesting U.S. military themed WW I era postcards.


Feel free to add additional postcards or commentary. Thanks for looking.


World War I Nerd ...


I'll start things off with a few pre-WW I postcards like this 1904 dated "Nephew of Uncle Sam" doing what all soldiers are encouraged to do, which is writing a letter home.


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