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M5 Assault Gas Mask - Black or Gray Rubber?


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My son just picked up a Rubberized Assault Gas Mask Bag, D-Day. I have a question , The gas mask that came with it was made of Black Rubber. I understand Black rubber became hard and cracked in cold weather. Does anyone know when they switched to gray rubber for the assault mask. I have several and wonder if that would work post D-Day. I can alway paint it black I guess. Robert

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well if you want to do Post D-Day most GI's ditched their masks by then and just used the bag as a waterproof bag for things they needed dry (cigarettes, extra ammo, and personal items for example). So it would probably just be rigged onto your pack or musette bag.


But as for the switch, Im not sure. sorry :unsure:

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The grey face piece was used post war with the M9 series Mask, never was used with the Assault Gas Mask.


However the Lightweight Gas Masks were made with the grey face piece.


Check out http://www.gasmasks.net/ for more information.

Thanks. I'll just paint one black now for display purpose's till I get the real thing

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