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Niagara Falls militaria stores?


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My wife is from that area and she spent a week last year going to various antique stores. She found very little military items. Most of these were in smaller towns within 75 miles of Buffalo/Rochester. She found other nice antiques, however. Just slim pickin's with military stuff.

But, you just have to found ONE thing and it is successful. Good luck!

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Uncle Sams in Buffalo

I was there once when it was -25.


Wow! Is that still there? I think I was there tears ago.... They had a manufacturer's store display that was loaded with WWII Liaison wings...i remember it to this day and regret that I did not buy every one of them. I am sure they are long gone.


By the way, the best view of Niagara Falls is from the Canadian side.

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G ,


I toured the full 7 floors.

It was fun.

It was COLD !!!!!!!!!!!!

VERY cold.


Was staying in Toronto so seen the falls frozen closed ...............very cool sight.

One of the best I have ever seen.



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Uncle Sam's, yes.


Might want to travel south on Route 219 and visit the Salamanca Antique Mall. Lots of vendors, lots of military stuff. Lots to satisfy my interest in dime store toy soldiers.

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