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ww2 & post ww2 Forks, spoons and knife


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Hello to all,


How can you reach to make the difference between ww2 & post ww2 Forks, spoons and knife mess ?


Thanks for your help

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Be Calm. Be Patient. Knowledge and enlightenment will come to the patient... or those who moan and cry loud enough.


I generally regard Tinned Steel forks and spoons to be WW2 or erlier - with stainless becoming used in the later stages of the war and exclusively postwar. When purchasing "WW2" silverware, I look for serif font US, (where the US has little tails on the letters). Google Serif/Sans Serif to see what I'm talking about on font styles. I have purchased wartime examples of stainless forks and spoons that are "the same" as the modern stainless forks and spoons. I'm sure we could get into hallmarks and maker marks on the forks and spoons - but thats a level of detail that I havent researched yet.


Kives are usually aluminum or black plastic handle with the loop in them - mostly dated 41, 44,45 and KW dates from what I've observed. The dates and manufacturer is cast right into the handle in raised text. I have also observed aluminum handle mess knives with no date or marking on them whatsoever. WW1 mess knives dont have the loop in the handle and usually have carbon steel blades where the WW2 ones have stainless blades. I have observed some WW2 mess knives with carbon steel blades - I've found that the carbon steel blades take and hold an edge quite well.





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Try to find the old posts on that topic of banned member US CANTEEN GURU. He had quite some knowledge on mess utensils and canteens and the like.


Greetz ;)



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