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Pvt. Walter Fish photos


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I have a well-filled photo scrapbook that belonged to Walter Fish. It covers 1939 to early 1940's. His AA unit was in the Panama Canal area. Includes photos of the unit in California and mostly in Panama. Some named fellow soldiers in the book as well. I found this in a little antique store in eastern Washington state. I'd be happy to reunite this photo album to Walter Fish's descendants.


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Other named in photos:

Sgt. Pavi

Punehy Dillworth

Cpt. Ball




Not named, but featured in several photos:

"Officers of the C.A.C. Ft. Amador"



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I've found Walter through a genealogy website and have contacted the person that listed him on a family tree. The tree doesn't show a spouse or children for Walter; that is not definitive since the person researching and managing the tree may not have gotten to his family branch. It is the same Walter because she lists his military service in Panama at Fort Amador.


Standby to see if I get a response from her.

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