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Doan Phuong Hai - Personal Account of the Battle of Dong Xoai (1965) [Translated]

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The Battle of Dong Xoai, which took place in June of 1965 proved to be a military disaster for the South Vietnamese military. Combined with other blunders such as the Battle of Binh Gia (1964) or Ap Bac (1963), these are sometimes used to argue that the South Vietnamese were not prepared and lacked the will to fight.

However, these arguments are almost always exclusively seen from a Western perspective. I think it's also important to look at the perspectives of the men who participated in these battles themselves.

This is a short excerpt that I've translated from a memoir published by Doan Phuong Hai who participated in the infamous battle. Hopefully, it'll be an interesting read for those who are interested.

Please do let me know if there are any noticeable typos/grammatical mistakes. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as well

Hope you all enjoy!

- NgDKhang


“The Sea on the Horizon” (2).pdf

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Simon Lerenfort

Noticed one on my initial scan through, you wrote "ox cart billed with bodies" instead of filled?


A harrowing account of combat but very interesting.

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Interesting information and well done considering. The Vietnamese Airborne fought well for most of the entire war. I happened to be in Saigon in Mar-April of 1975 and well remember the Airborne's fight against overwhelming odds at Xaun Loc. They held against several North Viet Divisions supported with armor , artillery, and surface to air missiles. They did not give ground until out of ammunition and out of troops.

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