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Can someone help with these 2 medals.

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The larger cased one is an Army Achievement Medal. Fairly common and rather low level. Unusual to see it named.


No idea to the Red, White and Blue one.

Always looking for WW1 28th Division; anything, papers, field gear, uniforms, etc.


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The large medal in the case is the Army Achievement Medal. The Army Achievement medal was established in 1981 and was designed to be awarded to those Soldier's who did not meet the criteria for a higher commendation medal. Since September 11, 2001 the AAM could now be awarded in a Combat Theater of Operations. Subsequent awards of the medal are represented by oak leaf clusters such as the one pictured. This one appears to be Silver which would come after the use of 5 bronze oak leaf clusters on the ribbon to indicate 6 awards of the AAM.


The engraving is not official from what I understand and was most likely done by the recipient.



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MSG Leigh E Smith Jr
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