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Looking for Informstionnon Correct WW1 US 1905 Bayonet Scabbard

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Hi everyone. I would love to add one of these to my collection. I have 11 bayonets, 6 cut down 16 inch from every maker. 2x M1 standard 10 inch, 1x 16 inch WW2 dated and 2x WW1 16 inch, one made by RIA and one made by Springfield.


I would love to add a 16 inch canvas scabbard with another 16 inch Springfield or RIA bayonet.


What should I be looking for on the scabbards? I know they are rare and some copies are made.



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Greetings Scott,


Type in "M1910 Scabbard" in the forum's search box (top right side of screen) and you will be able to view multiple threads showing original M1910 Scabbards and links to some of the latest reproductions. These scabbards are not particularly rare (in the US), but they are had to find in very good condition as most were used until they became unserviceable.




V/r Lance

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