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Custom Engraved Vietnam Era Zippo? Found in Paris

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I found this lighter for sale at a vendor stall by the Seine in Paris, France. It seemingly has the name of several locations in Vietnam during the 60s as well as the name Slugger. If anyone is familiar with any of the names engraved on it and could help ID I would appreciate it! post-5860-0-54656900-1532655634_thumb.jpegpost-5860-0-51038500-1532655653_thumb.jpeg

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Ah, Vung Tau, the Va Beach in the southern part of RVN. What's on bottom? Who made inner working part of lighter?

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Well, that's a bit of a problem......


The Zippo code denotes that it was made in 1969 but the engraved dates are 1967-1968. So it's either a fake or was made after those service tours and is not a Vietnam 'theater' lighter


Reference: Zippo Date Codes https://www.zippo.com/pages/date-codes

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I'm sorry I'm late to the show. I like the lighter. Nothing wrong with engraving your 'past' on a 'present' lighter. I like the fact that the Vietnamese words have their little accents.


I almost always have military items online. Don't hesitate to ask questions.





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