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Wow, I learned something new today

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RARE ... WW1 Calvary Collar Button, Company "A" , 1st Division - Rare Horse Riders Button
Use of Horses for War stopped around 1915, This collar button is from that 1914 1915 era, after 1916 the Calvary was disbanded.

This is from Ebay.


I'll bet all those guys who wore cavalry insignia after 1915 feel real silly now.


Without data, your just another person with an opinion...................


Selling DVDs of Ordnance Drawings on ebay seller ID 245thcac
Original Research from Museums and The National Archives
1912 Cavalry Board Report, 1910 Infantry Board Report, Equipment Blueprints and Drawing, Coast Artillery Training Films and 1897 Specifications for Clothing

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The Cavalry as a branch (not Calvary) formally lasted till 1950 or so. Last American combat horse charge was 16 January 1942 by the 26th. The 2nd Cavalry Div lasted horse mounted till 44. The last horse Cav units, 127th and 129th Cav Squadrons were mounted till 47. There’re plenty of other Cav caveats but it was certainly still around post 1916. Cavalry is alive still but we had different mounts whilst upholding many traditions of old. We still proudly have crossed sabres insignia on uniforms. The “button” is a collar disk.

Be well,


Chad C. Rogers

Retired Army

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1st Cavalry Regiment, not 1st Cavalry Division.





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horse and mules carried on with the US army through ww2 and into the 1950s

Always looking for WW2 Cavalry,Pack Mule and Constabulary horse platoon stuff.

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