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WWII Sign Painting Equipment Box


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Here’s something I have never seen before so had to get. It is a box that would contain equipment for painting signs!


The inside of the lid lists all of the contents and has 1944 date.


It’s too bad it is empty but great to see the list saying what it contained.


Has anyone seen anything like this before? I tried looking on web and couldn’t find anything.


Thanks Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image



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no help on contents, but that is a cool chest...great find


wonder what the corner brackets are for? tie down straps or for storage...

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There was one about a year ago in a small antique store in Belton South Carolina near me.


It had a few of the stencil brushes and about 6-10 brass stencils but was nowhere near complete


I thought $150.00 was so far out of line that it wasn't worth inquiring about


Still a very neat box and it will look great when you can replace the contents


Tom Bowers

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I have seen these pop up a few times, but nearly all are missing the tray. Nice complete wartime example!

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