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post-525-1172300345.jpgThis a Maryland National Guard 100 % attendance medal for the 110th Field Artillery with bars for 1935 and 1939. Have you seen this medal to other units?


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You see quite a few of this type of medal around, I think most if not all NG units had them or at least the old established units did. Here are two from the 192nd Arty of the Conn. NG. I picked these up awhile back at a Virginia flea market for a couple of dollars, it is funny how this stuff travels around. The Five Year Medal on the left is uninscribed but the ten Year medal on the right is inscribed 2nd Lt Harry F Brede Batty C 192nd FA which goes to show just how slow promotion was in those days. Also the ribbon is missing from that one, what you see is the planchet (not sure of that spelling), the broach and the ribbon bar for the uniform above it. The states have a whole array of medals for their NG troops but they can not be worn on the uniform when they are in Federal Service. I think this may account for some of the unidentified ribbons you see on uniforms, they were added when the unit returned to State Service.




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