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1942 'Chest Tool Empty Carpenters No-2'

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Hello, so a friend of mine was helping her grandfather clean out his garage and they found this tool chest he had brought home from the service. They figured I would appreciate it and gave it to me rather than throw it out, but I’m not having the best time finding exactly what it is for or where it would have been used, but I did find one or two posted on the g503 forums without much of a description so maybe it is vehicle related?


Either way it’s in the shape you would probably expect from an 80 year old wooden tool box that has been in a garage for that long. The stencil side is still fairly nice and the tool list is inside.


With its worn condition I plan to use this as a field piece to set out for living history displays so any info I could get on it would be appreciated.


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Brian Keith

Great box, I would speculate it is a company level tool kit box. There are enough tools to do small projects, shelves, utilitarian furniture, and the like. Nice early war date, nice to have the label. Hit a few flea markets and find some old tools to fill it up. This early in the war, the tools likely would have been "off the shelf", not US marked.

Thanks for posting it.


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George published several paper back copies of various original catalogs , used to be available through National Capital Historical Sales. Mine are packed up, shows contents.

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According to QM-6 (31 January 1944), this Chest was used for the two following Tool Sets:


Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Horseshoers' (Stock # 41-T-3535):

1 x Apron, Blacksmiths' (Leather) (Stock # 34-A-70)

1 x Bag, Canvas, Nail, Depth 13 3/4", Width 7 3/8" (Stock # 24-B-700)

1 x Chest, Tool (Empty), Carpenters' No. 2 (Stock # 41-C-786)

1 x Cutters, Horseshoers', Clinch (Buffer), Width of Blade 1 1/4", Length (Overall) 6" (Stock # 41-C-3020)

1 x File, American-Standard, Flat, Bastard, Length Point to Shoulder 12" (Stock # 41-F-863)


Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters', No. 2 (Stock # 41-T-3527):

2 x Bag, Canvas, Nail, Depth 13 3/4", Width 7 3/8" (Stock # 24-B-700)

12 x Blades, Saw, Hack, Hand, Flexible, Length 12", Width 1/2" or 9/16", Points Per Inch 24 (Stock # 41-B-1166)

1 x Chest, Tool (Empty), Carpenters' No. 2 (Stock # 41-C-786)

1 x Chisel, Machinists', Hand, Cold, Width of Cut 3/4", Length 8" (Stock # 41-C-1124)

1 x Chisel, Woodworkers', Handled, Socket Firmer, Beveled Edge, Width of Blade 3/4" (Stock # 41-C-1495)

1 x File, American-Standard, Mill, Bastard, Length 10" (Stock # 41-F-1157)

1 x Frame, Hacksaw, Adjustable, Straight Handle, Capacity 8" or 12" (Stock # 41-F-3390)

1 x Hammer, Carpenters', Curved Claw, Bell-Faced, Weight 1 lb (Stock # 41-H-187)

1 x Handle, File and Tool, Medium, Largest Diameter of Handle (Grip), 1 3/4" (Stock # 41-H-1116)

1 x Hatchet, Claw, Width of Cutting Edge 4" (Stock # 41-H-1632)

1 x Pliers, Side-Cutting, Flat-Nose, Length (Overall) 8" (Stock # 41-P-1977)

1 x Rule, Multiple Folding, Wood, Length 6 Feet (Item # 41-R-2844)

1 x Saw, Crosscut, Hand, Length of Cutting Edge 24", Points Per Inch 8 (Stock # 41-S-185)

1 x Screwdriver, Common, Normal Duty, Single Grip, Length of Blade 6" (Stock # 41-S-1104)

1 x Shears, Tinners', Hand (Snips), Straight Cut, Length of Cut 3", Length (Overall) 12 3/4" (Stock # 41-S-2813)

1 x Square, Carpenters', Try, Rosewood Handle, Length of Blade Inside Beam 6" (Stock # 41-S-4452)

1 x Wrench, Screw, Monkey, Knife-Handle, Jaw Opening, (Minimum) 1 3/4", Length (Overall), 10" (Stock # 41-W-2342)


QM-6 also has the following description for Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters' No. 2:


The Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters' No. 2, can be authrorized for issue to organizations not authorized the Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters' No. 1 or Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters' and Wheelwrights'. It is intended for minor carpentry work not requiring the work of a skilled carpenter.


The Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters' No. 2, was formerly known as The Tool Set (Complete With Tools), Carpenters'.


I hope the above is of some assistance.




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Thanks everyone for the help, I already found an old file in the garage that’ll fit it perfectly. I appreciate the info!

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