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National Guard OCS - NCOA Badges


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There a couple of topics on the Connecticut one, I suspect it's something to do with the 43rd Brigade of the 26th Infantry Division.






I recently seen a topic where a loose example in the form of a fob/hanger was posted, the kind wore on the Khaki shirt back then, seemed to be a very simple affair, a glued strip of leather? on the patch, patch was not sealed in plastic as commonly seen. Can't find it now.

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Thanks of the links I do remember reading those back when they were new.


The W.VA MA patch is also a simple modification of the patch. It has four clutch back (2 single ribbon bars) attached to the back an covered with felt sewn to the back.


The round PA NCO badge is plastic

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I too started or restarted collecting the ARNG OCS/NCO patches and badges.  I had collected up until 2002 when I sold my collection but started collecting the patches and badges again.  The badges I have are from Alabama (3 levels), Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  For my cloth collection, it's slow but I pick them up when I can.  One particular patch I did pick up that I did not have is the one from Oklahoma.  I do have a few extras if anyone is interested in trading.



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