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1907 Dreyse Pistol- 7th Army GI Bring Back


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Has the 7th Army insignia and the name "Richard Zeman" on the left grip and the 4th Army insignia on the right. Still works, but is prone to feeding problems like most of them.

These were issued to

2nd and 3rd line troops in WW1 and were used in WW2 by police, etc. This one dates to circa 1917.

Haven't found anything on the GI.



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Brian Keith

Nice! I generally don't like the chrome plating on military firearms, but with the extra info on the grips, it is a great souvenir item! Thanks for posting it.


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Pretty cool


Saw a MP44 once in a museum with yellow grips and stock.


The metal was nickle plated.Grips had 7th Armt and Coastal Artillery emblems carved into the grips.Stock had Munich 1945.

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Anyone have any info on the GI that brought the Dreyse back? I haven't had much luck. Richard Zeman, 7th and 9th Army, no specific unit info. Thanks

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