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Demolition squad - equipment

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Corp. Holes

Hi guys,

I come from Slovakia and we are doing reenactment of US Geronimo 509th PIB battalion (paratroopers). We are pretty much veterans in reenactment, but we still dont know everything. Our officer asked if I can recreate demolition equipment. I mean I found information, but I have few questions which u could help me:



1) Which demolition bag was used for paratroopers in 1944? This one? (first photo)



2) Which tools and how many blocks of TNT were provide in one bag? Simply, What did they get.



3) How can I make those TNT boxes? Does anyone know any guide? I want it to look like original. (second photo)



Thank you for any help and sorry for my bad english


follow us on fb btw: https://www.facebook.com/geronimo509thPIB/



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