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Painted 1969 SPH-4 pickup

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Hey Gents,


Hope everyone on here has been doing okay. I haven't been on here too much the past few months but I still keep keep my eyes open for helmets and such :)


I went to a gun show in Fort Worth this past weekend with my son, not really looking for anything or seeing much. At the last table on the last row what do I see, a painted SPH-4. Now I know I don't really need anymore helmets, especially another SPH-4 :lol: , but to find a painted one is unusual of course. The seller told me he bought it from the vet as he was going to a nursing home. Said he flew in Nam and the reason for the paint was that his wife was from Bolivia, so one half of the visor is US red white and blue while the other side is the red yellow green from the Bolivian flag. He didn't get the vets name and didn't ask about the "El Jefe" on the back but perhaps he was the C.O.? Who knows, it's lost to time I guess at this point. The paint looks old and so it's possible. Wish I knew more...


More pics in another post below -







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Here is the spec tag. The helmet is pretty clean for one this old. The foam padding was already removed from the ear cups which I was happy about. I had to clean up some verdigris from the snaps but that was really about it...




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