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Leather Coat for Review


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I can't seem to find any information on this leather coat. By its cloth tag I presume it is U.S. made but from what period?

Thanking you all in advance and hoping to hear from som of you very soon.


Regards, juno-44













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It's an early version of a U.S. Navy "Aircraft Transport Coat". First dating from pre-WW2, then with minor modifications on through WW2, the Spec. M-69 went through several changes to the position of the front zipper closure, buttons and pockets. They were available for issue in cold weather to pilots of patrol and transport aircraft, who would be seated for long periods of time and not have to get up and move around the interior of the plane. I believe the final version was the M-69F. It looks like yours is missing the leather waist belt.

The photo below shows the M-69F (on the left) being worn by a member of VPB-103 in England in 1944.




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Yes the transport coat.Couldnt recall the name but had seen them.


I had the chance to buy one onece from a guy who had his fathers jacket.He said his dad had been a "baloon" pilot then went and trained and fley transports and finally PBYs.Retired in 1964-65 from the reserves.

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