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Post Your Span-Am to WW I Full-Length Soldier Photos

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Stateside shot of a pair of artillerymen in training circa 1917-1918. Note the spurs and the ankle-length pre-WW I issued 1913 Overcoat.


In France, these long overcoats were shortened by approximately 10 inches; thus making them more practical for wear in the trenches. The cut-down overcoats were known as "Trench Overcoats. The longer 1913 Overcoat was replaced early in 1918 by the 1917 Overcoat, which was identical except for its shorter length.


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A captain in the Massachusetts State Guard circa 1918.


Each state formed its own State Guard during WW I. The State Guard took over the duties of the National Guard after they had been sworn into Federal service with the AEF. The State Guards' were allowed to wear Army issued clothing. However, they were not authorized to use Army insignia so they would not be mistaken for active duty soldiers. Thus each State Guard organization adopted its own set of insignia, each of which was different.


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Of interest is the combined use of pin-back 1902 style collar insignia for branch of service (infantry) and of 1910 style collar discs, which I think bear the word "Ohio". If you look closely, you can see the 1902 crossed rifle insignia on the sides of their collars and the Ohio collar discs near the front.


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I've shown this one before. Full photo and details here http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/281480-belts-bayonets-and-colts-1st-infantry-fort-shafter-wwi/


Excerpt from 1st Infantry Regiment, Guarding the Interned Germans captured on Guam and Hawaii at Fort Shafter T.H.

Summer khaki uniforms, Colts and M1910 Garrison belts

Fort Shafter Guard 006a.jpg

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Brooke, those are some doosies, each one is unique in its own way! If you have any more, please post.


Salvage sailor, I remember that one. I thought it was a fantastic photo then and it still is. It's nice to se the 1910 Enlisted Men's Garrison Belt, as they don't turn up in photos very often, especially with a revolver holster attached.

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