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Vanguard EGA?

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Forum member, I purchased a gold colored USMC peak cap EGA today....It's a brass scewback with a "V" inside a circle on the back...Was this made by vanguard and from about what time frame?....Any thoughts appreciated, Bodes

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I'm searching for my collection:
White House Service badge and certificate
Presidential Service and Vice Presidential Service badges and certificates
Army Staff (former General Staff) badge, certificate and collar insignia, DoD and JCS badges
Aide de Camp collar insignia ( Army, USAF, USMC )




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You may want to post a pic of your EGA in the EGA section. The T. Klie EGA reference book indicates that your EGA is probably a Vanguard made EGA from 1960s.

Spearhead, As far as I'm aware, Vanguard didn't use the "V" inside the circle logo.....Bodes

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