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War of 1812? US officer's engraved shako plate

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Hi all.

Picked up this plate and it's definitely outside my area of expertise. Guessing that it is officer circa 1812. Appears to be silver, hand engraved. Approx 3 3/4" X 5 3/4". Had 4 prongs that are all damaged. No markings excepted for an small engraved 15 on back. Comments?-












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That is an odd one, if I was to hazard a guess I would say a private purchase militia officers plate. The eagle somewhat resembles those found on Volunteer Militia Rifleman plates from 1820-1835 and the LR in script under the flags should stand for "Light Rifles". The ornate design around the oval is what leads me to believe its militia and the fact that its silver makes me think officer. There are none in Duncan's book that resemble it, so you may have a very rare and unknown shako plate.

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Thanks for the input Hawk. I was searching through Campbell's & O'Donnell's military belt plate book and found a very similar example dating to the War of 1812 (see pics below). The 15th Regt also didn't see service again until the 1840s so I am still thinking it is 1812 era. Many of the plates I've seen from this era have the officers initials engraved so this may be the case here as well.









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