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Tough to definitively date due to guidance provided to the collector community by Vanguard, and the fact Vanguard apparently partnered with multiple manufacturers or re-sellers. See here:



Your particular badge has a high-relief strike and possible solid bronze construction, in line with other WWII sub dolphins. Jones attributes this pattern to the WWII era, but WWII Vanguard retail boxes sometimes hold pins lacking any hallmark, again adding to the confusion (a practice alluded to in the link above).


Tim added an enlisted (post-1950) set of Vanguard dolphins in the thread below that shares similar die characters with the officer's pin you posted here:



So, as noted, a tough one. Could be 40s, 50s, or perhaps even later.

-Specializing in WWII (and earlier) Submarine material. Enthusiast of history and artifacts from all service branches.




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