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Is this a US or RAF MS22001 Oxygen Mask?

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While looking at options for using an oxygen mask with an APH5 helmet I've been starting to wonder if what I was told is an 1950s RAF version of the MS22001 is actually that. I'm looking to either get hold of APH leather tabs with snaps, and a small hook clip to fit the mask right side clip, or some bayonet fittings.


The mask has MASK OXYGEN TYPE MS-22001 SIZE SMALL moulded on to the nose, and a label with 6D/1692 MASK OXYGEN TYPE A13A SMALL. The mic cable has CON: TYPE 3849 REF: 10HA/12072. The connector on the end of the hose has 191A2 embossed on it.


The plastic bridge over the nose is cracked, but otherwise the mask looks in good condition and doesn't crack when bending. There is a pair of snaps on the left side, and on the right is a clip with a roller on it.


Are the snaps on this mask the same size and spacing as the early USAF or USN APH5 leather tabs? Or are these a different size?


Thanks in advance for any help, I'm really out of my depth here having bought this on impulse as it seemed like a good price compared to other similar masks on eBay.


DanPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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Typical 'broad arrow' markings of British Air Ministry on the label, this should made the mask a RAF-issued one.

Do not know about the mic cable, possibly it should still be fabric-covered if British?

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I vote British based on the broad arrow marking and the comm cord on the US one shown in the links above appears to be different. Can you post another picture of your mask showing both ends of the comm cord clearly please?

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