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362nd TEWS


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Picked this up recently.


The patch is for the 362 TEWS(Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron).They unit had operated in Vietnam and has an interesting history.






Haven't seen a lot of related patches to the 362.There is a round version I saw on the site that has the "GOONIE " Bird in the main design.


I did see a patch listed for sale like the one posted but the bamboo border was darker and not light yellow.Also there were detail differences as well as other colors were different.I saw another with a dark brown bamboo border.Also the feet and hat details weren't the same.Mine shows a red arrow in the cross bow and on line others have a yellow or are sold brown


THis one is in a plastic bag and not sure if its original packaging or just something to keep it covered.The patch looks like a Thai construction to me and I did hit it with a black light and the white base material glows as does the white details of the bird etc.


The patch is well made and doesn't look computer generated like the one's I saw listed on line but.


Just curious if this one I picked up is a older repro for the unit association and reunions?


Thanks for looking









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Looks good to me too. They were around about 6 years. They had two related units with the same mission and aircraft, the 360 and 361 TEWS. Though at different bases, they all used some patches with "Antique Airlines" on them, denoting the WW 2 era EC-47s they flew.




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Thanks for the replies.I thought it was Thai made due to the embroidery and the stiff material.


the patch in post #2 is a repro I found on line.


I have seen the Antique Airlines Tiger patches before.Interesting units and mission.

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