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Liberty Ship Hatch Covers

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I have one that's been in the family probably close to 30 plus years....my dad and his buddy each bought a sanded hatch cover and the leg kit to make coffee tables...


They came from a salvage yard that had hundreds of them in Ships Bottom, NJ....they are cool...finally saw how they were used when I was aboard the Jeremiah O'Brien in San Francisco...pretty interesting how they went into the hatches and were secured...a lot of work! Each hatch probably took like 100 covers to fully seal up, and there were three hatches on the Liberty's....

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Any new finds out there?


Here is a photo found online that shows the placement of these hatch covers. These pics were taken on the John W. Brown Liberty ship in Baltimore.





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Nice pics hink441. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to actually see how the hatches were placed on the ship and lifted.

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