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WWII Jeep cap - Can someone help?

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I am looking to try and buy a WWII Jeep cap. I want an authentic one. I have a few questions. 1st - someone told me the jeep cap is made from Paper board. Then WWII Impressions said the bill originally was made from leather. Can someone tell me what is true?


Also, I have the option to buy this WWII M41 Jeep cap. The pictures I am noticing just do not look like a jeep cap. I was told this is the Jeep cap 100% authentic. Can someone tell from these pictures? I cannot see where the cap folds up around the sides and back, also the bill looks totally different from some I have seen. The tag is the same. This is from a business and not ebay.


Can someone please help me?


I want a good solid jeep cap to wear, but I am just being careful cause there are so many fakes (I am no expert)


Also, if someone has a good Large to sell let me know (or trade), but ADMIN, please leave the post here. I just mainly want help with this questions.


Thank you




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When I asked the seller (who is very nice by the way), he said "The cap I'm holding for you is the same as the others, but in near mint condition, probably never issued. The color is darker than some of the others I've had, as is the the material. This is a softer material and less itchy than the wool one's. All of this can be attributed to different makers. As is with any of my items, if you are not satisfied with it, just return it for a full refund less shipping & insurance."


I sent him photos of other originals I have seen is why he stated its the same.


I am just unsure about the photos.


Am I crazy?? Or does this cap look different that others out there?? I know diff manuf. made different things, but I have seen 10+ Jeep caps and they ALL look exactly the same.


Thank you ALL for the help!!

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I'm not a Jeep cap specialist, but as french militaria dealer, I bought, 10 years ago, in France, 104 WW2 original wool knit caps M-41 (sorry, all gone).

They were tied up by 10 (10 packets + 4 apart) and each lot of ten had its own maker tag.

There were different makers, BUT all of the caps had exactly the same color, wool, and construction.

Size was "MEDIUM" for all.

What was different from the one you show here, was that the size tag, on all of them, was sewn exactly on inside bottom center.

Yours could be a variation... or not, I don't know. think.gif

I enclose a pic of a maker tag I kept.






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Every one of these that I have seen, where you could see what was stiffing the bill, had heavy card board in it, never seen leather. It is hard to tell from the pictures due to the bad lighting but it looks good to me, the the bottom flap is just folded down. The big question is why would you buy an unissued original to wear? You can get a good repro for about $15.00 or less if you are lucky and originals are not cheap due to the high mortality rate of the knit material. If one thread breaks it starts a chin reaction and you have a good size hole, not something I would want to risk.



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Hey Cam, I am also not a jeep cap expert, but im sorry, I dont like this one. Like Foxhole said all the ones I have seen all had the size tag sewn

in the middle of the cap, not like the one shown. Also, it might just be the pics and the bad lighting but I dont like the color as well. Imho, I would pass and keep shopping around. Mine is an original size M that I have had for years now. I got it off ebay and only paid 14 bucks for it. They are still out there. Good luck! thumbsup.gif

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Every one I've ever seen has the tag in the inside center, not on the edge like this one. While by no means an expert on these I've seen many over the years and I'd pass on this one.


Good luck!


PS An original large size will be very difficult to find.

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Here are several color variations of the knit wool used on jeep caps. These are direct surplus purchases made around 20 years ago. Every jeep cap I have seen has the size label sewn into the stitch lines in the top crown of the cap. I have also only seen cardboard brims.



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