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Type 99 Arisaka with Presentation Plaque attached

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I picked this rifle up last month, and finally secured the parts to bring this interesting Type 99 Arisaka back to life. When I bought it someone had tried to already, but used many wrong parts. Now it's more closely resembling how it would have looked when captured in 1945. Normally I don't waste the time restoring messed with Arisaka's but this one fit my collecting niche and only needed a little work.

The interesting part of this rifle is the small plaque attached to the right side of the rifle. It reads:

Bruce I. Campell
Ominato, Japan
Sept. 9, 1945

Research has shown me that this was the day that the Ominato Naval base surrendered with a ceremony held on board the USS Panamint, an amphibious force flagship. That occurred on September 9th, 1945. Would seem possible that Mr. Campbell may have been in the naval force present at Ominato during the surrender. While it took some time for occupation forces to arrive, about 2 weeks later, several articles mention that sailors on board the anchored fleet in the harbor went ashore, with some ships history specifically mentioning all on board were allowed to grab a souvenir rifle.


As of now I can't find anything specific about Bruce I. Campbell, but I will continue to look. Typically I see presentation plaques on Vietnam era rifles. Not as common on WWII bring backs in my experience.















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Nice example and agree not often seen with a name plaque to the veteran.

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
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